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Ducks. Who would thunk?

The Oriental Trading company ( a pardon the expression) is a teacher's Bible. Cheap stuff good. I used to buy, now I hand out stickers.

The adults love them.

Trust me, they would ha wanted the ducks

People love free, stupid stuff. As for your event, fab. The world sucks even more. I'm glad your tribe had a nice evening.

Oh, and you couldn't even throw us "and the portions were too small" line? Well, we will let that go with just a warning. Hugs, babycakes during this shitty time

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You should have went with the tag. The woman stuffing her purse brought a memory of my late Aunt Madeline. She'd always take something home in her purse. Ran the gamut.

Seriously, Barry, thought provoking for me.

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Years ago, my law firm represented the Chicago Teachers Union (until the officers who hired us failed to get re-elected). Every year the union held a St. Patrick’s Day banquet at a Plumbers Union hall, and the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots were served family style, on large platters from which members could serve themselves. And at every table, teachers would reach into their purses and backpacks and pull out large zip lock baggies and, after serving themselves a plateful of wood would proceed to fill the baggies with more food to bring home. It happened every year and was something of a tradition. The union leadership was aware of it and accommodated it by ensuring that massive quantities of food were cooked and served.

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“0ne thing I still no understand - why a duck?”

Sorry couldn’t help myself. Something about the vibe. Which you captured.

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I think the ducks, particularly tossing them to the elderly guests is inappropriate for the crowd( elderly.)

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